Do you offer refunds?

  • All sales are final due to the nature of our products we do not honor exchanges or refunds?

Can I make changes to my order?

  • Read over our product descriptions and review your cart carefully PRIOR to making a payment. No changes can be made once the order is processed 

Can I color/bleach the hair?

  • You can most definitely experiment with your next color with our hair just remember its just like your natural hair, you must deep condition regularly (every 2-3 weeks) to maintain your bundles/unit.

How long will the hair last?

  • With proper care Rich Girl Habits bundles and full lace wig can last up to a year or longer. Closures can be used for 2-3 months and frontals last 5-8 weeks with proper maintenance. 

How much hair will I need for an install?

  • Lengths  : 12” – 22” = 3 bundles 

  • Lengths  : 22” – 28’ = 4 bundles 

  • Lengths : 30’ – 34’ = 5-6 bundles 

How much hair is in one bundle?

  • Our bundles weigh 3.2 -3.5 ounces per bundle and our full lace wigs range in density from 150%-180% density.

Does the hair shed?

  • All hair sheds!!  Including your own!!  Use a weft sealer and or avoid cutting your wefts to minimalize shedding. 6-8 strands in your brush is perfectly normal.

What types of hair do you sell?

  • We sell 100% virgin hair that is cuticle aligned and unprocessed. The specific origin of hair is Peruvian which is fuller than a standard Brazilian and Indian hair which is silky and light and looks natural with leave out installs.